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Start selling Aluminum prints

Aluminum prints are a premium option for our wall-art category. Many of our customers have chosen these to complement their offering with a more luxurious product.

Product characteristics

Aluminum prints provide a stunning finish by adding texture and depth to your favorite photos. The rich colors and sharp detail is bound to stand out on your walls. We handcraft each print with care using the highest quality materials. Printing on premium 3mm aluminum di-bond material ensures high durability and scratch resistance for years.




Available variants

Aluminum prints are available both as simple and brushed aluminum.

Important: For brushed aluminum prints, the grain direction is horizontal.


Available formats

We currently offer aluminum prints in more than 60 different formats, both in inches - for the North American market - and in centimeters - for the rest of the World.

Note: You don't need to worry about which format you choose - Gelato will automatically convert between inches and centimeters depending on the destination country of your order. 

Explore aluminum prints in our product catalog >


Wall mounting

The hanging kit is included in your purchase, at no cost. It may slightly differ depending on suppliers. Please note that it is not possible to choose a specific hanging kit

  • Option 1: Magnet (Preferred) There will be only 2 magnets for smaller products, 3 for medium sizes, and 4 for bigger ones (this doesn't affect the image at all, because those magnets are attached to the back)


Hanging instruction 


(This is a generic instruction, some print partners can have alternative solutions for hangers and these should come with their own instructions. If your customer received another mounting kit and are unsure on how to attach it, please contact our CS team)

  • Option 2: Hanger Attach a hanger with double-sided tape on the backside of the metallic print. A foam block is fixed to the bottom of the print so it hangs straight down on the wall.


  • Option 3: French Cleat A “Rail” is glued to the back of the print and a second rail is attached to the wall. The system simply interlocks to hang the image. A foam block is fixed to the bottom of the print so it hangs straight down on the wall




To make sure the print will reach you in perfect condition and without any damage during transportation, we add a layer of protective film over the print. To have the best quality for the photo, after the print is mounted on the wall, please remove the protective film to reveal the true quality of the print.


Printing process

The images are printed directly on aluminum. Our 7-color UV direct print produces high color brilliance and an astonishing depth effect.

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