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How can I get featured on Gelato’s website?

As a Gelato customer, you’re encouraged to leave a review for your experience on the Gelato platform and any products you’ve ordered. In some cases, public reviews can be featured on Gelato’s website, social media, or marketing material.

You can proactively let us know if you want your review to be displayed in these channels - we call these featured reviews.

What are featured reviews?

Featured reviews are your chance to showcase your company name, along with a picture or short video, on Gelato’s website or social media channels and boost your brand awareness.

Like any other review, they should reflect your honest opinion on the product you received from Gelato.

How to get your review featured?

First, write your review.

Second, send us an email at apisupport@gelato.com that you are interested in this branding opportunity. Please send us your company name and the text of your review. We will come back to you with the next steps.

What is Gelato’s policy regarding featured reviews?

We want the content on our website to be respectful of others and of the law. By submitting your review and indicating that you wish for it to be displayed among featured reviews, you accept that you are solely responsible for its content and compliance with our Terms of Service. Content that is hateful, illegal, and that violates intellectual property rights may be reviewed and removed at any time.

All content is subject to review and we reserve the right to remove it at any time and for any reason. Each case is evaluated individually.

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