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How do I use the product expansion feature?

You can now transfer your designs to new wall art products in seconds, making it easier than ever to expand your store and add new products! The one-click product expansion tool is unique to Gelato and available to Shopify users. Give your customers a wider selection to choose from by adding more products and making your store the one-stop shop for any wall art product. Offering premium alternatives such as acrylic prints or canvases can help increase your customers’ cart value and drive revenues.


How it works

  1. Select a product in your Shopify store in the Gelato dashboard. If the product supports 'Expand categories,' then the button 'Expand categories' will be active. Next, choose which product categories you want to expand into. Then you will see your design on a mockup for each product category so it is easy to get a view of the end result.
  2. Select how the new variants will be added to your product. You can add them to a new dimension (which is great if you today for example only have a poster product with a size dimension), or you can add the variants to an existing dimension (this option is well-suited if you already have a dimension for product categories where the user can select between for example a poster, canvas or frame/no frame).
  3. Now you can choose to add mockups to your new variants and select which scene to use for each new product type.
  4. Set the profit margin you want for all new variants. If you for example set a 50% profit margin, then we will set your retail price so that you will make a 50% profit (retail price minus the cost to Gelato). You can always change your retail prices later if you need to make any adjustments.

Make sure that you review the changes and selections for your product, and then simply press publish. Once the process is complete, your product is updated with the new product categories and can be seen on your Shopify product page. 


Sizes supported in product expansion

Metric Imperial
30x30 cm 12x12 inch
30x40 cm 12x16 inch
30x45 cm 12x18 inch
40x50 cm 16x20 inch
45x60 cm 18x24 inch
50x50 cm 20x20 inch
50x70 cm 20x28 inch
60x80 cm 24x32 inch
60x90 cm 24x36 inch
70x100 cm 28x40 inch



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