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How do I set up shipping for Etsy?

Any order for Gelato products via your Etsy store is shipped by Gelato directly to your end customers. Gelato will charge you the shipping costs that we've indicated in our product catalog.

You have multiple options to set up shipping on Etsy when using Gelato: 

  1. You can use Gelato delivery profiles which mirror our flat shipping rates. In other words, you will charge your customer exactly what Gelato charges you for shipping. Everything is set up (and updated) automatically so you don't have to worry about anything. In this case, all your profit will come from the difference between the retail product price (i.e. what you charge your customers for the product) and the product cost (i.e. what you pay Gelato for the product).
  2. You can use Gelato free delivery profile to offer free shipping at checkout to your customers. In this case, your customers won't be charged for shipping while Gelato will still charge you the standard flat shipping rate indicated in our product catalog. This means that you will need to collect enough money to cover the shipping cost as part of your retail price.
  3. You can create your own delivery profiles on Etsy to offer the shipping price you prefer at checkout. Gelato will still charge you the standard flat shipping rate.

The tariff number is only used when you purchase a postage label on Etsy. As Gelato will handle fulfillment and shipping for you, you will not be required to purchase any postage labels from Etsy and you will not need to fill out the tariff number for Gelato products.

It is also possible to define your profit margin on top of the shipping prices that Gelato is charging you. This means that your customer will pay X% more in shipping fees on top of base shipping prices from Gelato. To use this feature, you need to subscribe to Gelato+ Gold


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