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Personalization of Products for non-Shopify Platforms

In this article you will find more information about the Product Personalizer Tool, part of Gelato+, which allows you to sell products that can be personalized by their customers with custom text, images, clipart, and more in an easy and fun way.

Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce do not currently allow for Gelato's personalization editor to be embedded during the purchase flow.

However, it is possible for your customers to personalize their items after placing their orders!

Creating a Product with Personalizable Text and Image Options

When creating your product, you must add at least one condition or collection in order for your customers to be able to personalize their own product. In the video below you can see how you can set up a product with a personalizable text layer and a collection of images

You can choose for your product to be as simple or as complex as you wish and each Condition can be linked to multiple collections or elements if necessary.

Creating a Product with a Personalizable Text Layer

In the video below, you will see how you can set up a product that will allow your customer to enter their own text:

How does it work?

  1. Create and publish your products with Advanced Personalization options in your store
    • You must have a Gelato+ subscription and the Product Personalization app installed
    • Create and publish your personalized product to your store and make it available for purchase
  2. Your customer purchases the personalizable product
    • When your customer goes to the listing page of your personalized product
    • They will be informed in the product details that they'll receive an email to personalize the product after placing an order (this message is generated during product creation) 
    • Your customer completes the order 
    • Then the order is sent to Gelato for fulfillment
  3. Gelato receives the order
    • Gelato checks if the order includes a personalized product and your customer has not completed the product personalization. The order status is set to "pending personalization"
  4. We send an email to your customer with a link to personalize their order
    • Your customer will receive an email from a generic address with a personalization link.
    • After clicking on the link in the email, your customer will see the personalization editor with the product to be personalized
    • When your customer completes the personalization and clicks the “Complete personalization” button, a Thank You popup is shown to the customer with a close button
    • And an internal system notification is sent to Gelato to update the order status
  5. Gelato receives the internal notification
    • Gelato receives the notification that the customer has completed the personalization
    • The order status changes from “Pending personalization” to “Pending Approval” for manual approval flow for orders
    • For customers with an automatic approval workflow, the order is sent to be fulfilled

How can I test this function before releasing a product to my customers?

  1. Connect your Ecommerce store with Gelato
  2. Create a personalized product in Gelato and publish it to your store as a draft
  3. Place a test order from your Ecommerce store dashboard and mark it as paid 
  4. Order will be pushed to Gelato with the status "Pending Personalisation"
  5. You will receive an email with links to personalization editor
  6. In the editor, you will be able to try the personalization workflow.


Q: What platforms use this workflow?
A: Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, BigCommerce

Q: When will the email with the link be sent?
A: The Email is sent 15 minutes after receiving an order 

Q: Will the email with the personalization link be automatically forwarded to my customer?
A: From April 2022, we send this email directly to your end customers from a generic email address, you will not need to forward them manually.

Q: What about the orders which contain both non-personalized and personalized products

A: The order status remains as “Pending personalization” and the non-personalized products are not sent for fulfillment until the customer completes the personalization.

Q: Will Gelato fulfill the order if my customer doesn’t complete personalization after the email?
A: No, unless you manually approve the order.

Q: I can't find the "allow personalization" option in the design editor
A: This is an option available in the design editor for Shopify stores only. You do not need to click on allow personalization for the text layers you want your customers to be able to personalize. As long as your design contains a condition or collection, the text layer will allow personalization.

Q: Can my customer upload their own images?

A: Currently, this is not possible for non-Shopify platforms. However, our team is working hard on improving the features possible!

Q: Can my customer change their font style or font size?
A: This can currently be achieved by setting up a condition with different options linked to different font styles. At the moment, it is not possible for your end customer to change the font size or style on an ad-hoc basis if not previously configured, however, we have plans to improve this tool moving forward.

Q: What happens if my customer accesses the link again after completing the personalization
A: They will see a message that their product has already been personalized

Q: Does the link expire?
A: Yes, the link expires after 7 days and you will receive another email with a new link

Q: What happens if the customer clicks the expired link?
A: Customer sees a screen with the message that the link is expired.

Q: What will the personalization email look like?


Q: What happens if the customer orders more than one personalized product?
A: If it's one product with quantity 2 or more, we will send one personalization link and all items will be printed the same. It requires placing separate orders if the customer wants the same personalized product printed in a different manner.  If the customer orders two different personalized products in one order, we will send two personalization links.

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