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Tracking Your Orders

You can track your order by clicking on the tracking link while viewing your order in your dashboard.Screenshot_2021-10-27_at_21.41.44.png

Clicking on the link will bring you to the carrier's website where you will be able to see the current shipment status of your order.

The tracking link is generated when the carrier is informed that they will have to pick up the order from the fulfillment centre. It may take some time before the link becomes active and reflect updates. 

Finding additional information from tracking links

On the website of certain carriers, it is possible to find secondary links that may reveal additional information about the parcel.


Clicking on the link from the dashboard will bring you to a page similar to the one below. 

It is possible to click through to another page by clicking on the hyperlink next to result_parcelTracking_resultTrackingVendorId that may provide additional information about the shipment. 


You can also paste the reference number into the search bar above and click on the vendor tracking number, which will open a new window for the local delivery service. On the local tracking page, there may be more updates not visible on Asendia's tracking page. 


In this case, the Swiss local page, La Poste, had actually marked the parcel as delivered. asendia_3_externa.png


Clicking on the link from the dashboard will bring you to a page similar to the one below. 

When the field is available, you can add in the recipient's postal code to reveal more precise information like the person who signed off on the receipt of the package. 

For international shipments, it may also be possible to click the button "Shipment tracking in foreign countries" to open another window with the recipients local carrier office for more local specific information.

Sometimes, there may be a delay when a shipment leaves the origin country and may not show in the destination office's link until the shipment is scanned in the country upon arrival. 


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