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What is the corresponding order status in Gelato for each order status in Wix?

If you are using our Wix integration, every time your end-customers place an order for a product that is connected to Gelato, the order will appear both in your Wix and Gelato order history with different order statuses.

The order statuses in Wix are based on fulfillment. The table below helps you identify the matching status in Gelato for each possible order status in Wix. 

Wix status Gelato status
Unfulfilled Passed, Printed
Fulfilled Shipped
Canceled Canceled

It is recommended not to manually set the fulfillment status to Fulfilled by marking "Marked as Fulfilled" and allow the status to be updated automatically to Wix


Separately, Wix also has payment statuses: Paid and Unpaid. Kindly be aware that Gelato doesn't process unpaid orders and these orders will not be sent through to Gelato.

You can read more about Wix order statuses in their Help Center article Managing and Fulfilling Your Orders.

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