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How does the integration with Getty Images work?

Thanks to our integration with Getty Images, we are now able to offer Gelato+ customers the possibility of designing their products with millions of beautiful photographs and images with no upfront costs!

As Gelato+ customers, it is free to design products with images from Getty Images! If your design contains images from the Getty Images Essential collection, there are also no fees when the product is sold. If your product contains images from the Getty Images Signature collection, whenever the product is sold, the Gelato product cost will contain a small fee that is payable to Getty Images.

By using images from Getty Images you agree to Getty Image's Terms of Service

Getty Images Essential vs Getty Images Signature and Pricing

Images from Getty Images you can choose from our design editor fall into two categories - Getty Images Essential and Signature collections. 

  • Essential  - A large collection of images from Getty Images.
  • Signature - About a million of Getty Image's best images.
  Non-Gelato+ customers Gelato+ customers
Getty Image Essential 18% of the Gelato product price (with a min. fee of USD 1.70) Free!
Getty Image Signature 29% of the Gelato product price (with a min. fee of USD 2.19) 18% of the Gelato product price (with a min. fee of USD 1.70)

Currently, we cannot differentiate which collection the image belongs to in the editor. However, we'll be releasing an update to allow you to see the exact product costs from the design editor soon.

How can I use Getty Images to design my product?

  1. Log into your Gelato account and create a product from our Product Catalog. If your ecommerce store is integrated with your account, you can add a product from our catalog to your store from the Store section.  
  2. Click on the Start Designing button to launch the design editor
  3. In the sidebar in the design editor, click on the Getty Images icon
  4. Insert any of the images to the artboard by clicking on it from the sidebar. 
    You can also use the search bar to search through the library of Getty Images to find related images to add to your design
  5. Adjust the file placement on the artboard, preview it, and click on Continue or Add to Order when you are ready.

When designing, the image might look pixelated, allow it some time to load. The image shown on-screen has reduced resolution and may also seem pixelated when zoomed in. The real printed product will use a higher-resolution version of the file. If you do not see any resolution warning for the image, then the image will print well. If you see a resolution warning, follow the guidelines for the best results. All Getty Images have predefined max resolution and our system does not upscale them to fit the largest formats. 

Product Compatibility

Currently, it is possible to use Getty Images for the following products:

  • Packaging Insert and Branded Label
  • Wall art
  • Mugs
  • Apparel
  • Tote bags

Design with Getty Images for the following products is not currently supported:

  • Calendars
  • Photobooks
  • Stationery
  • Business Cards
  • Cards

Things to note

  • By using the integration, you agree to Getty Image's Terms of Service.
  • You can use the same Getty Images Signature image multiple times in a product and only pay for it once
  • It is possible to use multiple Getty Images Signature images in the same product. If that's the case, the image fee will apply to each unique image. E.g. If you are using 3 different images in the same product, then you will pay the price for each of those (3 x individual price)
  • By using this service, you are purchasing the right to use the image for the chosen product via Gelato. However, the image itself can’t be downloaded.
  • Products with Getty Images have the same mockups as other products. However, mockups showing only the artwork itself as the mockup and without background are not allowed.
  • You will not be able to download mockups for products using Getty Images

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