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What are inside and outside labels for apparel products?

Designing your own inner and outer shirt labels can help you brand your products. You can choose to print either the inner or outer label (not both on the same garment) for selected apparel products. 

Inner Labels

Inner labels are printed on the inner neck area of the garment. Please note that for your reference all apparel comes with a small fabric label with apparel care instructions and production country. This label can be easily removed should you decide to do so upon receipt.

Outer Labels

Outer labels are printed on the outside of the garment underneath the collar on the back. If you choose to add a design on the outer label, you will not be able to customize the (lower) back of the shirt and vice versa.

Designing apparel labels

To design the inner or outer label of a supported apparel product, simply launch the design editor by clicking the blue Start Designing button on the product page. Select the desired print area, and insert your design.

Apparel products that support label printing


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