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Gelato mobile app

The Gelato mobile app enables you to do so much more on the go! 


  • Manage your store(s)

  • Easily track your orders and shipments

  • View your store analytics 

  • Browse our product catalog and place orders*

  • Design products


Download our app from the App Store and the Google Play Store to any Android or iOS device. Sign in using your Gelato account email and password.

Before you can create orders in the Beta version of the app, you first need to finish setting up your account and add a payment method in the web.

Manage your store(s)

  • Access all your stores and products
  • Find the product you are looking for by using the search bar
  • Update or edit store details
  • Update product status with “Disconnect”, “Ignore”, and “Delete” actions 



Easily track your orders and shipments

In the Orders section of the app, you'll be able to view all your existing orders and drafts together with their fulfillment and payment statuses. In addition, you can also:
  • Search and filter through orders
  • Place a Reorder
  • Cancel an order (when possible)
  • Update the artwork and approve an order in Pending Approval status
  • For shipped orders, access the tracking details

You can adjust the type of notifications you would like to receive

View your store analytics 

Make informed decisions on the go by accessing your store's performance (available as long as you have at least one store connected).




*Current Limitations

  • You need to connect your store in the web version
  • New orders placed through the app are currently supported only with 1 side/page (single design file). For multi-page or multi-side products you will need to use the web version
  • For advanced designed functions (i.e layers) you will also need to use the web version

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