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What is Gelato+ Gold

Fast-track your ecommerce growth with automation and 30 days of free shipping

Gelato+ Gold is our top-tier subscription plan which brings you all the features included with a Gelato+ subscription along with additional features that will let you optimize how you scale your business. Gelato+ Gold annual subscription will also come with 30  days of free global shipping.

Exclusive features to help you start, sell, and scale faster

Gelato+ Gold provides access to exclusive optimization features that help you expand your product offering, earn more, and work faster. 

  • 30 days of free global shipping - Stop paying for shipping for the first 30 days of your subscription to Gold.
  • Upload design feature - easily create and publish your custom products.
  • Product expansion feature - transfer your designs to new products in seconds.
  • Mockup Studio - personalize your mockups as you wish.
  • Image Enhancement and Image Upscaling features - improve the resolution, quality, and clarity of images in one click.
  • Shipping Profit Calculator - define additional shipping fees for your customer in your store on top of base shipping prices from Gelato.
  • Background removal tool - Gain more creative control over your beautiful designs with the option to remove backgrounds
  • Dedicated support to migrate products to Gelato - Our tech team will help you connect your products to Gelato.
    With a Gelato+ Gold trial, you will also get access to a 30-min free consultation with a Customer Success manager. When you activate a paid Gelato+ Gold subscription, you receive further support including free migration assistance!
  • 30% discount on standard shipping costs - You will enjoy a 30% discount on standard shipping costs to the regions of Europe, the USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore, and Japan. What is more, as soon as you hit 50 orders in one calendar month, you will receive a 50% discount on standard shipping costs for that month (not applicable for trials).
  • One-Click Product Expansion Tool - Start selling your designs on new wall art product categories to expand your product offering and maximize your average order value in just one click.
  • Workflow automation - Automate the personalized order workflow to reduce manual and time consuming tasks that are otherwise necessary.
  • Shipping Profit Margin - Charge your customers a higher amount for shipping costs and profit from each shipment.
  • Packaging Inserts and Branded Labels  - Customize your customers' packaging and unboxing experience. Additional 30% discount!

    Important: Please note that this feature is exclusive to Gelato+ or Gelato+ Gold customers.

How it Works

  1. Connect your store
    You can connect to Gelato in seconds through the ecommerce platform of your choice including Shopify, Etsy, WooCommerce, Wix, Squarespace, and BigCommerce. Stay tuned for more ecommerce integrations to come.  
  2. Subscribe to Gelato+ Gold
    Sign up for Gelato+ Gold straight from your Gelato Dashboard.
  3. Import all your products to Gelato for fulfillment
    Your Gelato+ Gold subscription includes dedicated support to migrate products to Gelato. We will be happy to help you connect your catalog to our global network to start selling!
  4. Start designing
    Use the Product Personalization tool, Getty Images, Shutterstock, or any of the other features offered with Gelato+ to make your products and launch stunning designs.
  5. Start selling
    Publish your products in your store, sell globally, and see your sales increase.
  6. Enjoy the benefits

Compare and subscribe

Find a comparison chart of our subscription plans, alongside our free Gelato features, in our article What's The Difference Between Using Gelato For Free And With A Subscription Plan? If you are ready to subscribe, you can do so here.







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