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How can I import orders from Squarespace?

You can easily transition your future orders and products to Gelato by using the Import Order function. When this is activated, all orders that you receive in your store will display in the order section in Gelato as Not connected

Connected items in Not connected orders are not sent for fulfillment automatically. You must manually action on these orders.

From these orders, you can choose to connect the product to be fulfilled with Gelato or ignore the item in the order.

Once you have connected an item to Gelato, any future order with the same product will be automatically processed for you (in accordance with your store settings).

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We highly recommend using Import orders regardless of the number of orders or products. By connecting and ignoring products for all Not Connected orders that are imported in Gelato each day, you'll have connected most of your best-selling products, within a few days having spent only a few minutes each day doing so.

Activating Import Orders 

You activate Import order by going to Stores > Select a store > Settings and check the box for Import not connected orders. Remember to Save Changes.

Once it is activated, all orders coming into your store will be visible in your order list. You will also get an email notification saying that an order requires that one or more order items require action.

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Managing Not Connected orders

From the orders section, click on the Not Connected order. Not connected orders are not sent for fulfillment automatically. To proceed with the order, click on the Complete order button at the top of the page. After clicking this, for each item in the order that is not connected, you can choose between two actions: Connect or Ignore

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Connect Product

If you want Gelato to produce the Not Connected item, click on the blue Connect button. You can then connect the item to a specific item already in your ecommerce or custom store, or create a new product from our catalog with your design.

The item in the current order and any future orders that contain the same product variant will be fulfilled with this same product you have connected.

Ignore Product

If you do not wish to fulfill the Not Connected item with Gelato you can ignore this item. By selecting Ignore you get 3 additional options. Below you will see what each of these options do and an example of when you might want to use them:

  • Ignore this item for this order. Any future orders with one of these items will be imported into Gelato as a Not connected order. Connected products in these orders will not be sent automatically for fulfillment unless you complete the order again by connecting or ignoring the item.
    • Example: You work with Gelato for your international orders and a local supplier for your local orders. You want the flexibility of choosing which supplier should fulfill which orders every time you receive an order for this item.
      • You receive order #1000 from your neighbor and want to fulfill the not connected item with your local supplier. You select ignore this item for this order
      • You then receive order #1001 which needs to be fulfilled by Gelato. You select ignore this item for this order. You separately add the product from your custom store or by adding the product by designing it from the catalog. 
  • Ignore this variant for all incoming orders. Any future orders that contain only this product variant will not be imported into Gelato. Future orders with connected orders and this ignored variant will not require you re-ignore it.
    • Example: You sell T-shirts from sizes XS to 5XL. You fulfill T-shirt orders from sizes XS-3XL with Gelato and orders for 4XL and 5XL shirts with another supplier. 
      • You receive order #1000 for a M-sized shirt (connected) and a 4XL shirt (not connected). You select Ignore this variant for all incoming orders for the 4XL shirt. 
      • You receive order #1001 for a M-sized shirt (connected), a 4XL shirt (already previously ignored), and a 5XL shirt (not connected). As you already previously selected Ignore this variant for all incoming orders for the 4XL shirt you do not have to re-ignore it. But as you will not be fulfilling any of your 5XL shirt orders for this current order or future orders for it, you should also select Ignore this variant for all incoming orders for the 5XL variant. 
  • Ignore this product for all incoming orders in all variants. Any future orders that contain only this product variant (or other variants of the same product) will not be imported into Gelato.
    • Example: You sell wall art and cars. You fulfill all wall art orders with Gelato but all car orders with someone else as we do not have cars in our catalog (yet). 
      • You receive an order for a Red car. This car product has other variants in other colors. You can select Ignore this product for all incoming orders in all variants. All orders received for this car product variant and other products will not require you to ignore it. 


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