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Can I use shipping discounts on Gelato + trial subscription?

To use our shipping discounts available for Gelato+ and Gelato+ Gold subscriptions, you will need to have a paid subscription activated. The trial subscription available for Gelato+ and Gelato+ Gold Monthly will not provide you with a discount on the shipping but allows you to view all the other features which may require more testing. 

We have just created a way for our customers to end the "trial" early and start accessing the shipping discounts! 

Please go to Gelato Dashboard --> Gelato+ Subscriptions and click on "Activate Subscription" as shown on the screenshot below:


It might take a minute or so to have the subscription activated. After that time your new orders will have shipping discounts applied. 

Here you can find more details about the Gelato+ Gold and Gelato+ shipping benefits. 


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