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How can I create different designs when adding a new product to a store?

When you are adding a new product with multiple variants to your store you can:

  • add the same design to all variants and once editing the product apply changes to all variants simultaneously


  • unlink the product variations by clicking on the chain button on the right-hand side so that you can add different designs for different variations, e.g. white variants with design X and grey variants with design Y. 


It is currently not possible to add different designs within one variation when creating a product, e.g. S white T-shirt with design X and M white T-shirt with design Y. However, each variant can be edited manually in the dashboard once the product is published. 


Adding variations in the same color, e.g. S, M, L white T-shirts with design X and S, M, L white T-shirts with design Y is also not supported in the product creation flow. Still, you can achieve it after adding new variants to an existing product. To do so you need to follow these steps:

  1. Add new variants manually in your store and save changes.
  2. Click the Sync Products button in the Gelato dashboard.
  3. Connect new variants to Gelato 

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