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What is digitization in embroidery?

File digitization is a necessary step in the embroidery process. It converts designs to machine instructions. 


  • Your designs are sent for digitization for the first order with that design
  • File digitization takes up to  24 hours, which is included in the delivery estimate
  • The preview generated on the mockup serves as a visual reference before the file can be digitized, it  may not always precisely match the final result
  • Our digitizers decide on the types of stitches that will be the best for each design. This means that similar designs may be digitized differently and will give different results
  • The digitization process has strict guidelines to match available machine capabilities, so we do not accept files digitized elsewhere


  • A digitization fee is charged per embroidery area. We charge $6.50 for image files and $3.95 for text. If the embroidery area contains both an image and text, you will be charged $6.50
  • The digitization fee is charged once per design. This means you can reuse an already digitized file on different embroidery products
  • Hats and caps require a different digitization process than apparel and bags, so the digitized files cannot be reused, and the fee will be charged again

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